Understanding Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation

Accepting the Need for Help

Denial is the first obstacle that you may face when trying to determine if you have a problem with alcohol and/or drugs. The initial step in all 12 Step programs is accepting the fact that you are an alcoholic or drug addict. Many of our clients have spent countless hours researching alcoholism and chemical dependency to try to determine if they do in fact have a problem.

While the criteria for alcoholism and chemical dependency is helpful in making a diagnosis, you are on this page because there is a part of you that feels that maybe you or someone you know has dealt with disruptions in life due to alcohol and/or drug use. No two stories of alcohol and drug addiction are the same, and this underlying belief is what guides our approach to your individualized treatment.

We at Total Recovery Now understand that making a choice to give up your addiction can cause you immense conflict. Sobriety is a journey, and as with all journeys, the first step is often scary and isolating. We are here to guide you through this first step which is admitting that you have a problem. Alcohol and drug rehabilitation will give you the tools you need to gain your footing in your new life. Upon completion of treatment, Total Recovery Now will always be there to offer you the support you need to continue your journey in sobriety. Click here to learn about our aftercare services.

Understanding Substance Abuse Treatment

Total Recovery Now understands that alcohol and drug addiction is complicated and affects many aspects of a person’s life. Some clients may also be suffering from depression or other mental illnesses. Both the addiction and the psychological disorder will need to be understood and treated. Total Recovery Now offers the individualized treatment options and personalized attention you need for so-occurring disorders.

Our goals for treatment is threefold: helping you with post acute withdrawal symptoms from alcohol and drugs in order to reduce physical cravings, providing you with the necessary tools to assist you in your psychological withdrawal in which you no longer use alcohol and drugs as a way to deal with uncomfortable feelings, and guiding you upon completion on your journey back into the real world. While addiction is a chronic disease that needs to be treated continuously, we know that you will still be able to lead the life that you both need and want. Let us help you as you help yourself.

Experiencing a New Way of Life

Our staff at Total Recovery Now understands that remaining sober becomes a challenge once you complete treatment and are “out there in the world.” In fact, sobriety often brings to the surface all the negative feelings you may have been trying to suppress throughout the years. We believe that addressing those issues is essential, and our experienced staff will help you as you face these uncharted waters. After leaving rehab, you will be better prepared to deal with both old and new feelings that you previously dealt with through substance abuse.

While anger, stress, frustration, anxiety, hopelessness and loneliness are very real emotions, we will give you the treatment and support you need to deal with them in a healthy and productive way as well as time to practice while in therapy vs. inpatient treatment.