Integrated Services

TRN helps clients set their own goals, then gives the tools to follow through and achieve them. From problem-solving techniques to healthy coping strategies, we are here to lead and support. Powerful therapy emerges from within. We provide the skills and contingency management to facilitate the rebuilding process.

Day/Night Services

We offer partial hospitalization for those who need increased structure and intensive therapeutic interventions. Total Recovery Now will provide you with at least twelve hours of group and individual therapy every week.

Outpatient Services

At Total Recovery Now, we incorporate the 12-step program into our own innovative treatment plan in which your needs are evaluated and assessed. Through our outpatient treatment plan, you will receive one to eight hours of individual and group therapy each week.

Intensive Outpatient

Total Recovery Now offers intensive outpatient treatment in both individual and group settings. You will receive at least nine hours of therapy every week that is based on holistic and evidence-based methods.

Aftercare Services

At Total Recovery Now, we understand that sobriety requires a long-term commitment that can only be achieved by taking it one day at a time. Upon completion of the program, we will continue to provide you with the encouragement and support you need throughout your recovery. You are welcomed to stay in touch with our caring staff, and we often ask our alumni to participate in group activities weeks and months after treatment. Within a community committed to sobriety, we at Total Recovery Now are always happy to celebrate every aspect of our client’s new lives.